Knitwear Size Guide

Buying for you newborn?

luckily our sizes are designed to grow with your little one. cozy, comfortable and stretchy. Perfect for the in between sizes of your growing newborn. ultimately our newborn and 0-3M size are in fact both suitable for those early days. Our rompers are designed to have the ability to roll both the arm sleeves and legs as your little one grows.

So Which size should you buy?

If you intend on buying for your fresh newborn announcement measuring around the 3kg mark then I personally suggest buying the Newborn size. If your little one is heading to reach over the 3kg, the 0-3M will also be perfectly fine for your little one. Again, our rompers are designed to be rolled as needed to get maximum use and comfort. Both sizes are suitable for your newborn.

There is only roughly 2 - 2.5cm difference between the Newborn & 0-3M