About Us

Little B’s Nursery

Hi, I’m Taylor, founder of Little B’s Nursery,

Ever since becoming a mother myself, I had dreamed of creating my own range of beautiful clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers, using soft and gentle materials to give ultimate comfort to our precious little ones. In 2021, with constant inspiration from my own little family, I decided to take action. Starting out small, I began selling hand-made gifts & accessories while I researched and prepared to launch my first Little B’s range.

I chose to call the business “Little B’s Nursery” as a tribute to my wonderful children. 

  • The fabulous ‘Miss B’ - My passionate, bright & confident stepdaughter Carly Bruce. 
  • ‘Bailey B’ - My funny & loving eldest son Bailey James Bruce.
  • ‘Little Lachy Boy’ - My adorable & cheeky youngest boy Lachlan John Bruce. 

After bringing on board a like-minded manufacturer I was able to bring my designs to life, eventually launching my first products, ‘Woodlands Knitted Blanket’ & ‘Ribbed Romper’ and Little B’s Nursery was truly born!

Little B’s is all about creating unique and appealing products using the highest quality materials, ensuring they are gentle on the skin, with no harmful additives. I believe your children deserve the absolute best and every piece in my collection is something I would be proud to dress my children in, and I hope you will feel the same.

Much love, from my family to yours,


Little Bs Owner